Codeine Abuse

I have seen a lot … You look up with brows raised
How old is he? you ask. I often ask myself this question each time a friend is engaged, getting married or celebrating the birth of their child.
Recently there has been a distressing increase in the indiscriminate use of prescription drugs recreationally majorly by teenagers and young adults.


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Amber smith once had a lovely modelling and acting career, her codeine addiction nearly made her bankrupt. Now she is a recovered addict as well as her mum.
I was playing football with some friends sometime ago when an acquaintance right on the field of play slept off with his back to the wall.
A friend once told me of a woman who would buy several bottles of a named cough syrup with codeine every two days and he was like ”madam your cough no dey go?”
Rapper Pimp C , from the group UGK, died from an overdose phernergan with codeine( often referred to as “syrup” or “purple drank”).
Shola’s hope of playing soccer was thrown in oblivion by himself after he became friends with Mr codeine after a freak accident on the field of play. He is currently trying to pull himself out, it hasn’t been easy he told me. He is currently a 200 l student of chemical engineering in a reputable university.
I can go on and on and on…

Now let us enlighten ourselves briefly of everything “codeine abuse”
Codeine is a short acting narcotic used to treat mild/ moderate pain, suppress cough and is some cases diarrhoea. It is a prescription only drug, it has a high potential for abuse and its abuse can lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. Codeine when used, provide feelings of pleasure and serenity. Over time this leads to dependence, physical and psychological. Tolerance develops, which is the need by the user to take higher doses to achieve same effects. Addicts can start having withdrawal symptoms after a short time without using the codeine. Statistics show that codeine is quite commonly abused. In Canada , New Zealand , Sweden , the United Kingdom, the United States and many other countries, codeine is regulated under various narcotic control laws .
Symptoms of codeine abuse include:
•         Euphoria, Calm, Depression, Anxiety, Mood swings
•         Drowsiness, constipation, dizziness, fainting, nausea and vomiting,dry mouth,itching,rashes,urinary retention,hypotension,seizure,respiratory depression,decreased libido
•        Hallucinations,delusions,amnesia, apathy
Effects of codeine abuse
Some of these effects may include:
Liver damage, acute pancreatitis, increased pain sensitivity, major depression, kidney damage, respiratory depression, bradycardia, decreased muscle tone, coma
Others include: Family problems, problems with the law, job loss, financial problems, emotional and relationship issues, inability to work.

Signs of overdose: Bluish discoloration of the skin, loss of consciousness, pinpoint pupils, weak/absent pulse, shallow or halted breathing, slowing of the heart rate,chest pain, frequent vomiting, extreme fatigue.


               Facebook photo courtesy Pembroke Pines Police Department

Withdrawal can be an extremely uncomfortable process but when done under the supervision of a medial professional can help ease the discomfort of the process. Someone who is physically dependent upon codeine should not attempt to
stop using without the supervision of a trained medical professional.
The typical codeine withdrawal symptoms include: anxiety and depression, insomnia, muscle aches, sweating, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.
Others include:
Craving for the drug, runny nose, chills ,agitation, psychosis, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, hallucinations e.t.c

Now my friend, I think it is about time you considered quitting and working towards it. It ain’t gonna be easy, you will fall, you will fail, you will want to throw in the towel, you will lose the battle but not the war with prayer, determination and and an unwavering belief in yourself.
I will leave you with two beautiful quotes from my twin brother…
“It is only a foolish man who believes in God and does not believe in himself. If he can believe in the Unseen, why not the seen”..
” Sometimes we  feel sad when we fail thinking we gave our best but the truth is WE NEVER DID”… So do not be weary brother/sister neither should you despair, “AH” don’t wallow in self pity get your a*** up and try harder. Be like James…

In the relatively short time I had lived, I have had my fair share of dealings with death. My parents are comfortable, father a Lawyer, mother an associate professor of Pharmacy. I being their only male child was pampered almost to ruination. Growing up I always had my way, I was Zeus. I started smoking and taking alcoholic beverages in secondary school, I was only fifteen I think. At seventeen alcohol and cigarette wasn’t “doing it” so I wanted something more, fortunately unfortunately I had the friends some who were a bit older than I was and who indulged themselves, so I got introduced to codeine and refnol which I often will take with alcohol.  First near death experience was a day after my 19th birthday, I fell from the stairs, hit my head on the wall as i landed, with everything already fuzzy it turned pitch black. My friends thought I had died. I spent a month in the hospital. The last incident occurred 5 months ago…I was high as usual, my cup always runneth over. I drove straight into a pole, I still am very much to this day surprised how i only had only minor bruises here and there as I am thankful…after that I realized I needed help. Today makes it exactly three months of been sober and I am 23. Hello everyone I am James and I am an addict.

Yo! …PenDreazy signing out…
Outta ink…
See you guys later, thank you and God bless.
*drops pen “Lol”itically ( Lolitically™)*


WHOLE AGAIN ( A Narrative) pt 2


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…stabbed me in the back, thrust it in, deeper
…till it reached my heart.
You had no shame nor decency to do it from the front.
I bled in, I bled out.
…still you pushed it in the more. The bitch broke off the handle and left me for dead.
I could hear your wicked cachinnation in the far distance.
It broke into pieces in me and left me broken in pieces.
Now I am risen
…like the Phoenix
I am whole again
I made it without you, how depressing that must be for you.
After years of endless surgeries
…and physical therapy.
After years of self-flagellation
….of smoking hashish with  self-pity
… and sharing a drink with self-loathing,
I am whole again.
I have got a penetrating scar in my back
…and an ugly cicatrix on my heart,
but I am whole again.
Living was no child’s play but thanks to my psychiatrist,
I am whole again.
All forms of addiction I indulged, but now I am well.
Now I am well again…
Says who ?
I have got a shrapnel in my back.
I am whole again ?
I have got more shrapnel in my heart.




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It started tardily
Burgeoning, gathering pace with sheer alacrity.
The shinkansen was no match.
We were berserkly in love
…it was frenetic,
like the typhoon, we destroyed everything in our wake.
I was Haydon,
she Amarantha
We played and bathed in the silvery lake of the moon.
Mother cried continuously
…in songs riddled with scorn.
Father turned away in tacit disapproval, his head hung loosely with disdain and shame.
“What do they know about postmodern love ,” I quipped.
My siblings and my friends all warned…
“Look before you leap.”
My choice dismayed everyone.
I cared less
Their vituperations I discounted with the wave of my hand.
“I recognized shit from shinola, ” I said
I never looked back.
For once in my life, I never hearkened to their sage critique.
I never looked before I leapt… Ajá tí ó bá fé sonù
* shakes head*
Àfi bí àlìjánà…
I was in Utopia.



Dryness romps everywhere
yet coldness is hung in air
Hence he’s descending here
he that wet garbs he dries
in a twinkling of the eyes

He makes
easy, shredding of clothes
and creates
cracks on human skin
like it’s the roasted groundnuts

Under his weighty influence
valleys emerge on lips constantly ‘unglossy’
after (their) initial dryness
and hairs on head
fall off in ease

The door has become stiff
it would not swing readily
save it makes an unusual
sound as if in agony
oh the effect of he!
Even the key
cannot unlock with ease

He is here
he that does not fear,
but relish
to draw patterns on ‘uncreamed’ flesh
with chalks
And the scalp
he let nurse dandruff more
than ever before

He does not forget
to lay his hand on
a broomstick such that
when bent lightly
‘Crah’ it breaks

Leaves dry,
plants wither
and stems break
under gentle pressure
in his presence

He has descended,
the king, who needs
no introduction nor a praise-song
before he appears
He that heat he drives
to hibernation no matter
how stifling

He simply is great
King Harmattan, he who requires
no man-made crown
He already has dryness
as his staff and haze
his mace

Hail thee
King Harmattan
All hail
“His Royal Dryness”

Courtesy : Akinbola U.B


The Fulani Herdsmen. The Fulani Herdsmen
Who are the Fulani herdsmen?
They are the one, who destroyed our crops and raped our wives,
Slashed the throat of our children with their sharpened knives.

They are the one, who expelled Ugo and Ade from their homes,
Chased Zainab out of her comfort zone where she roams.
And the federal government is mute, Mr. President is mute.
Perhaps because he has not been a victim; his daughter has not been raped,
His crop has not been killed, nor are his houses burnt.
Oh! They say he is one of them; he has hundreds of cattle too.

Why the silence? I ask Mr. President
Are the herdsmen bigger than Nigeria?
Why is he not willing to initiate any forceful action against them?
Rather, he is requesting for pieces of land from states.
What do the states stand to gain?
And those people who had been rendered homeless.

These are questions running through my mind,
To which answers I cannot find.
Tell Mr. President, the Fulani herdsmen are a menace
To the entire nation they are a disgrace…




Laziness eats my time
Procrastination drinks my life
And you watch as i sink
yet you say you’re a friend
Little advice you cannot even lend
You watch as my life hit the bend
Playing and thinking I’m sane
When my mates are at work
Trying to better their lives
And their children’s and wives
Insane! Your silence, me it drives
We eat, we play and pray together,
But when it’s time to work
I leave and sprint away
You never advised me to stay
Friend! You are made today
You’ve got a good job and a family
I: I’m struggling to make ends meet
You passed, i have failed
Now you try console me while i wail
Go away! You’re free, I’m in jail
I want you as a friend no more
I believe in me; i can still win
I will seize every opportunity that rides my way
And i will never stop to strive day by rolling day…



I caught a glimpse of you afar
With a smooth sharp finger from every star
My heart raced towards where you were.
A Creature too good and bright
I couldn’t stop thinking of you all through the night

With your heart, mine has inclined
For Your thought only occupies my mind
As I dwell in scrutiny of your wonderful behind.
I can’t help falling in love with you
And strongly I do hope you’re falling too

Truth! What i feel for thee, you have no clue
Give me your heart; I’ll give you mine too
Give me your heart to prove my feelings true.
Let me stay; Let me stay within your hold
So the warmth of your skin will free my body of cold

With your beauty, You entranced my heart
And it started weeping part by part,
Kneeling and pleading not to let its perception fall apart
And for Your heart is a precious stone which cannot be sold
This feelings i have for thee will never grow old…




Today! I remember the promises we made
Thinking our love will never fade
But life led us down different path,
Me would not say you broke my heart

Today! I remember the day our love did upstart
The vow you made never to leave me apart
You were my weakness and my best friend
Who would ever think our love will bend
For I had wanted to love you till the very end
But now I am left with a weakened-heart no one could mend

Today! I remember the day you yes-ed my plea
The day to my proposal you did agree
Happiness and Joy; little me couldn’t hide
Thinking forever, you’d be by my side

Today I remember the first “I Love You” you replied
Throughout that night your thought had me occupied
You were the only one my heartbeat did recognise
You were to help ease my anguish and clean my eyes
But now it catches me by surprise
Our union could not even see the sunrise

Here I am thinking of thee
Thinking if you would also be thinking of me
You are a Jewel seen; to mine heart you’re a key
Then with me wouldn’t you rather be

Oh! My Angel, who does not know I love thee
Who does not know we are one; Not two, Not three
A wonderful future for both of us, I did forsee
But now you’re gone; I guess that’s my cup of tea

Today! There are places I would love to take thee
After your bachelor and master’s degree
But now, you are not here with me
Perhaps our union was just not meant to be…

©2016 Akinbola Kehinde Ridhwan

FRIGHTENING REALITY (The concluding part)


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I woke up to the tapping of a hand and I opened my eyes to see what looked like a dwarf, his skin was smooth and felt silky. My real self (in size) rose and immediately my eyes almost popped out of their sockets, he had a machete on his right and a gun on his left. He had a “gigantophallus” and had a mound of frizzy hair  on his pubes so much more than on his near boxlike head. He had another mouth on his chest that carried beautiful saw-like set of teeth. Before I could say jack he slashed me diagonally from my left nipple to my right hip and my viscera started dangling forth, blood spurted continuously like a malfunctioning fountain. I tried to put them back in as they fought to have a feel of the outside world, I ran for my dear life and after me he ran shouting that I killed his mother.
“I did not ” I countered
“In fact I tried to save her” I cried
“You let the train crush her in half”
He shot me severally at the back as I tried to negotiate the roundabout that had Tinubu’s cap and glasses. I kept on running, falling and standing up, I wouldn’t give up neither would he. He kept on shooting and rambling in a language I think was aramaic ( can’t say I know why I thought so). I finally heard a loud thud “gboa”, my body hit the cold bloody road,relief enveloped my whole spirit as I gradually drifted in oblivion. Above me he stood dangling the machete dangerously, he begged me for my last words after he broke the news that sadly and regrettably he’ll be beheading me. He only needed a trophy. I shut my eyes and I tried to wake up to save myself from this disgraceful imminent beheading but I couldn’t, it was as if mount everest had been placed on me. I could see the bright blue light of my room, I also could hear my roommates arguing, laughing as they shouted and I was dying. I tried to lift my body to no avail, I just laid there like a vegetable. I felt like I had drank a cocktail of potent neurotoxins. Tears rolled down the side of my face on to the bed and roomies were still arguing about La liga and my beloved EPL, none of them could help me. I was angry, were you not supposed to know when your friend needed your help? Tears continued flowing. I heard one of them say I had been sleeping since and that the time is 9:30 pm… And I blacked out in numbing pain and a massive disappointment. I woke up later around 11:30 pm.
I smiled.
I am alive…I had been dreaming.
Pshaw, this dreams though.



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… slowly I drifted into this realm of calm relief and reassuring peace and steadily trudged froward,deeper and farther into this abode of serene solace. The tranquil repose I so much had yearned for, satisfied I smiled even in my sleep. I had been in this place of “absent light”, I saw nothing save my been aware of my being present, yet there was this calming happiness. I felt safe, secure and free. As I continued traversing the different phases of this seemingly relieving abode, I landed without warning this place of indescribable beauty, everywhere lush green with simple yet lofty edifices and as I was reveling in this mystery…she appeared from nowhere walking towards me, I swear, I was fixated on her what you call gawking. I was bedazzled by her pure unbridled beauty. She had beautiful sets of eyes, brown I think, her eyelashes shimmered in the beauty of kohl, her skin glowed as if she had lived all her life in a pool of henna. Her hair long, intricately plaited in gorgeous corn rows and had a dark sheen of black antimony, above all she was spotless and did I forget to mention she was STARK naked. I would have loved to describe all I saw but I’ll leave you to your lewd salivation. She continued her stroll towards me and she smiled as she walked past me, her well set immaculate teeth sparkled. I turned to catch a glimpse of her behind to behold or maybe proclaim its sheer tempting magnificence but to my surprise, on her well shaped b** was another head, hideous, what i can only describe as serpentine and crimson blood flowed down it eyes. Smiled it did at me, my heart skipped, I was dizzy and I almost fainted. I closed my eyes in horrific astonishment and she was gone, so was I, back in the world I knew and that which knew me, I thought.
I landed softly in Yaba by the railway tracks, the trains postmodern. We waited as two trains followed in immediate succession…then the third came out of God knows where. The woman standing beside had started walking across the tracks, the scared me shouted “madam” “madam” but she refused hearken to my beckoning and the persistent blaring of “the  big brother” did very little. I lunged forward and grabbed her wrist, pulled her back in time …so I thought.
I only had her head, hands and trunk, the train had the other half what had become a fine paste and the tracks had literally become a pool of flamboyant blood. I looked down at the half I had,  then I re-realised she was heavily pregnant, the initial scare before the accident had numbed my realisation. The pelvic area of what was left of the woman wasn’t  oozing blood but a dark shiny fluid that had a repugnant smell and from her eyes, ears and mouth emerged dangerously looking scorpions with four pincers and two tails ( I had no time to joke about their been freaks, a community of “siameses”). Big slimy maggots also did march forth. I tried to let go of  her hands but lo and behold I wasn’t even holding her she held me. I screamed, begged and cried but her cadaveric frame wouldn’t leave me be, she held on to me stolidly and firmly. I was covered in maggots and the scorpions had started stinging me everywhere, one in particular ( had something like a smiling face and an inherent sinister look like the JOKER) walked up my b*** sac and booom it dug in. The pain was terrible, excruciatingly intense and I tried to scream but I couldn’t. I never knew that was just a tip… It slowly and steadily without much ado landed on my prepuce (that which I didn’t really have) it looked up at me frowning and chewed it off literally circumcising me while I wriggled in overwhelming pain. It finally bit my corona, I thought the pain of the sting on my sac was the worst this was far worse. I tried to shout but couldn’t and wouldn’t  cos I my mouth full of ” maggots”. I fainted… It is worthy of note that I had become like four times my original size from the bountiful stings I had received…